Streamlining Returns: Veho's Doorstep Pickup Helps Customers And Brands.

Streamlining Returns: Veho's Doorstep Pickup Helps Customers And Brands.

While e-commerce has significantly improved shopping in terms of convenience, it has yet to solve the hassle and headaches caused by returns. Sending items back has become a giant pain for shoppers, from locating a printer for labels and getting packaging, to finding time to go to the post office or a storefront only to wait in slow lines of other people doing the same time-consuming errand. And equally frustrating for brands, slow returns can quickly translate into financial drains.

That’s where Veho’s Doorstep Pickup comes in. By recognizing the burden returns have created for both parties, Doorstep Pickup offers an alternative solution, allowing customers to send back purchases without having to leave home while being a cost-neutral option for brands. 

After all, customers want a better way to return with a majority of people saying they prefer brands offering doorstep pickup services. This preference illuminates a shift in customer expectations and represents a logical step towards creating the best possible customer experience—one modern innovation needs. With Doorstep Pickup, Veho comes to the customer’s door and handles everything. No labels, no hassle. 

The legacy logistics industry was not prepared for the flood of packages returning to brands, and in many cases, deliberately created a difficult system. As a result, brands actively lost sales because onerous return policies are deterrents to customers. However, customers noted feeling more comfortable making purchases when returns were simple which suggests a customer-centric approach to returns could warrant a change of tides.

With Veho, companies have options when it comes to returns: 1) companies process returns and Veho picks them up or 2) Veho works directly with a brand to build into their returns process.  Partnered with industry leaders like Loop and Optoro, Veho Doorstep Pickup makes returns painless and convenient for customers. 

How Doorstep Pickup works: 

  • A customer initiates a return on a brand’s website and, when prompted, opts for a Veho Doorstep Pickup before selecting a desired pickup date. 
  • On the chosen day, Veho texts a 4-hour pickup window as a reminder to the customer. If the customer wants to change anything, they can contact Veho’s customer service for assistance. 
  • Prior to the start of the pickup window, the customer leaves the items outside on their doorstep for Veho’s driver partners to come to collect. No labels or boxes are needed.

  • The driver partner brings the items back to a Veho sortation center, where a label is printed, and the item is boxed up to be quickly returned to the brand for resale. 

Overall, Doorstep Pickup provides excellent value to customers and brands alike. Customers love it because it removes a frustrating, time-consuming errand. Brands love it because they see more conversions, repeat purchases, and a 20% reduction in customer attrition. And customers are eager to use the service with 60% of customers saying they would pay for the ability to do Doorstep Pickup.

While returns have traditionally been viewed as a chore, Veho Doorstep Pickup has redefined the experience. In the era of e-commerce, anything in the world is accessible with just a click. With Doorstep Pickup, we apply the same principle to create a seamless way to return, ensuring every part of a brand’s shopping experience just clicks. 

Learn how Veho creates better return experiences for your customers. 

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