Questions about working with Veho?

Frequently asked questions for shippers.

A male Veho employee picking some packages from the warehouse.
How does Veho handle returns?

In addition to delivery solutions, Veho offers Doorstep Pickup, a convenient returns solution. Typically, once a customer initiates a return request through a portal like Loop, the customer can choose Veho Doorstep Pickup or a label-printing/carrier drop-off option. The convenience of this returns feature can boost conversion rates and drive loyalty.

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Can Veho offset the loss of legacy carrier volume discounts?

Depending on the volume allocated to Veho, the discounts brands miss out on could be relatively insignificant. Veho collaborates with brands to find a solution that ensures a profitable outcome. Our commitment to doing things differently than other carriers sets us apart and can provide additional value to your shipping strategy.

Can Veho pick up from my fulfillment center?

Yes! Veho provides flexible middle mile solutions, including options for both direct injection into Veho’s warehouses or Veho pick up from the brand fulfillment center.

What is Veho’s coverage area?

Veho's flexible operational model caters to the varying needs of our partners. Operating out of 42 metropolitan areas across the US, Veho expands your reach and magnifies your customer base. Ensuring fast and efficient delivery and returns, Veho powers next-day and two-day delivery across the majority of our network.

We will collaborate with your brand to determine the optimal solution for your business.


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Is Veho equipped to manage peak seasons?

Veho's operational model is designed to excel during peak periods, such as the holiday and school seasons, which sets it apart from traditional logistics companies. Our adaptive, flexible system uses a driver marketplace to seamlessly match capacity and demand. By pricing routes strategically, Veho manages demand and ensures packages and routes are allocated to the available driver partners, even during peak season.

How does Veho ensure quality of driver partners?

Ensuring high-quality driver partners is a top priority for Veho, as we are committed to extending your brand experience to the customer's doorstep. We conduct thorough background checks on all driver partners. Various quality control measures ensure that we maintain our high standards, ensuring a 4.9/5 Customer Satisfaction score for deliveries with Veho.

Can you provide more insight into Veho's pricing structure?

Veho offers a competitive price per package, with no residential or weekend surcharges.  Our model provides significant incremental savings in tangential areas such as address corrections, customer support, and credits/refunds related to delivery errors. Many of our shipper partners replace their standard ground service with Veho, citing faster deliveries and a better customer experience for their consumers.

In what markets is Veho currently operating?

Veho is servicing over 42 major population centers in Texas, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Colorado, Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Chicago, Wisconsin, Indiana and Ohio. Visit our Coverage Map to learn more and see where we’re expanding next.

Does Veho handle same day, next day or second day delivery?

Veho offers next-day & two-day delivery solutions.