Who is Veho?

Veho is driving commerce forward with a customer-centric delivery and returns experience that's built for the modern era.

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Our Mission

Veho’s mission is to power the future of commerce by making shipping, shopping, and returns work seamlessly for everyone.

Veho unlocks the potential of everyday consumers and e-commerce brands to fully participate in the global economy—removing limitations caused by outdated logistics providers and archaic technology. By building an entirely new end-to-end logistics infrastructure powered by technology designed to meet the needs of brands and humans in the age of e-commerce, Veho is reinventing the post-purchase experience.

For e-commerce brands, we are the tech-driven shipping partner enabling fast, personalized, and highly reliable package delivery and returns—from their fulfillment centers to their customer's doorstep and back. We created a nationwide network of warehouses and a tech platform that builds optimized routes for qualified crowdsourced driver partners.

For customers, we give them complete control over their delivery experience and empower them to share their feedback—with us and the brands they shop from—helping us all constantly improve.

For our driver partners, they get to have total control over their schedule and visibility into their earning potential on our platform so they can decide what's best for themselves and their families. They don’t need to drive passengers or hustle in line at a restaurant. Delivering with Veho is safe and easy.

Today, Veho provides customers and brands an unparalleled shipping experience with an over 99% on-time delivery rate and 4.9/5 customer rating in over 42 markets and counting. Our brand partners have seen 20% increases in customer repurchases, 40% growth in customer lifetime value, and 8% improvements in net promoter score from customers.

Tomorrow, Veho will power new types of businesses in the e-commerce economy. We will make it easy for anyone to start a business, scale, and provide customers with fast and seamless delivery and returns—locally, nationally, or internationally. We will bring the fitting room to the living room and celebrate new ways of discovering and engaging with beloved brands. And we will enable retailers to reimagine in-store shopping by connecting the physical and digital with fast and seamless logistics powering holistic shopping experiences.

We believe “shipping is the new shopping.” Join us in bringing that future to life.

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The Veho Difference

Veho is reinventing parcel delivery and returns through industry-leading OTD andproactive consumer communication—all at a simple and competitive cost.Partner with us to measure the full impact your delivery experience creates for your business.

Our Founders

Itamar Zur

Itamar Zur

Chief Executive Officer, and Co-founder

Fred Cook

Fred Cook

Chief Technology Officer, and Co-founder

As a busy student at Harvard Business School, co-founder Itamar Zur relied on e-commerce every single day: clothing, notebooks, meal kits, and more. Yet the convenience and quality promised by retailers was often foiled when it came to delivery: Misdelivered packages.

The dreaded “We Missed You!” sticky note.

Boxes stolen as he studied in his room. Ita soon realized that the biggest opportunity in e-commerce lay in the period that was least in retailers’ control: the journey from warehouse to doorstep. Veho was created to challenge the received wisdom of the entire logistics industry—to promise that delivery and returns can be a critical, and, most importantly, enjoyable part of the e-commerce experience.

We’re driving commerce forward.
Join us!