Customer-Centric Innovation: Veho’s New Perfect Placement Photos Reduce Misdelivered, Lost, and Stolen Packages

Customer-Centric Innovation: Veho’s New Perfect Placement Photos Reduce Misdelivered, Lost, and Stolen Packages

As a retail leader, the challenge of ensuring customer satisfaction extends beyond the point of sale through to final mile delivery to customers' doorsteps. Consumers appreciate having more control over their delivery experience with lost or stolen packages becoming a significant concern, impacting brand loyalty and consumer trust. Veho is addressing this opportunity head-on with its latest product update, further differentiating itself from traditional carriers.  

Introducing the Perfect Placement Photo feature

Veho is excited to announce the launch of our latest innovation, the Perfect Placement Photo feature, which is set to transform the package delivery experience for both companies and consumers. This new feature will help combat misplaced packages and package theft by giving consumers more control throughout the delivery process and allowing driver-partners to place packages precisely at the customer’s desired location.

How the Perfect Placement Photo feature works

The Perfect Placement Photo feature allows consumers to gain more control over the delivery of their packages by offering a simple yet effective solution:

  • Customers photograph their preferred spot: Consumers can take a photo of their desired delivery location, whether it’s a safe spot on the front porch, a well shaded spot outside of the sun’s reach, or any other accessible area that ensures the package's safety. Consumers can add this directly in the mobile app, or by texting their preferred placement with Veho’s Support team. 
  • Share with Driver Partners via the Veho app: The photo, along with any additional delivery instructions, is shared with the  driver partner through the Veho driver app. This eliminates guesswork and ensures driver partners know exactly where to leave the package.
  • Exact location is recorded: For all photos supplied by customers, whether added directly in the mobile app or provided via text with a Veho Support member, Veho extracts the geolocation (latitude & longitude) of the photo. 
  • Real-time updates and confirmations: Once the package is placed in the specified location, customers receive a confirmation, complete with a photo of the placed package, ensuring peace of mind.

Why this matters: The importance of delivery control 

In an era dominated by online shopping, the importance of the delivery process cannot be overstated. Our CEO and Co-founder, Itamar Zur, said it best: delivery control is crucial for boosting customer satisfaction. 

Considering that 48% of consumers see delivery accuracy as a major concern, the necessity for a solution like our Perfect Placement Photo feature is evident.

Benefits for your brand brand—and your customers

Did you know?

In today's fast-paced market, the delivery experience can significantly influence customer loyalty and brand perception. A staggering 77% of consumers are less likely to return to a brand following a poor delivery experience. This statistic highlights the importance of reliable and customer-focused delivery solutions for maintaining and growing your customer base.

But working with Veho changes the game:

  • Repurchase rates increase by 20%
  • Customer lifetime value grows by 40%
  • Net promoter scores rise by 8%

These stats highlight the important role of reliable delivery in securing customer loyalty and driving brand growth.


In the world of online shopping, customer control and satisfaction are becoming key factors that set brands apart. Veho’s focus on these areas, especially with our brand new Perfect Placement feature, directly addresses concerns around lost or stolen packages. 

Partnering with Veho means more accurate deliveries and stronger customer loyalty. Learn more about how we’re changing the delivery game at

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