Peak customer loyalty this peak season.

Peak customer loyalty this peak season.

While the words “peak season” are synonymous with meeting demand, it’s also a great time to focus on building customer loyalty.

After all, peak season can make or break a customer’s experience with a brand, and retailers would be wise to pay attention to what’s driving customer satisfaction (or what’s making it dive).

In order to uncover the core drivers of customer loyalty, Veho conducted a survey consisting of 1,000 respondents. The results? Customers prefer brands who provide positive experiences. While not exactly surprising, many retailers still find themselves facing the issue of customer attrition during busy times.

To avoid this plummet, take a look at these five statistics that highlight customer expectations during peak season and how you can accommodate them:

1) Over 50% of shoppers cite lost or delayed packages as a top holiday shopping pain point.

No one enjoys telling their loved one “your gift is coming, I promise,” only to be unsure when or if it actually will. This statistic highlights the grievance many shoppers feel and showcases the undeniable link between shipping and its impact on customer loyalty. When customers encounter issues with delivery during the holiday season, it erodes their trust and satisfaction, and leads them to seek out competitors with a more reliable experience. In order to maintain or increase your customers’ loyalty during peak season, don’t overlook the obvious—reliable shipping.

2) 97% of customers consider on-time delivery to be critical to their overall experience.

Simply put—customers want their packages when they are promised them. This statistic underscores a critical shift in customer expectations following the advent of Amazon Prime shipping, suggesting that timely delivery is no longer just a perk, but rather a cornerstone of positive customer experiences. When retailers consistently meet or beat expected delivery times, they are more likely to win repeat business and build a loyal customer base. 

3) 3 out of 4 customers are less likely to buy from a brand following a negative delivery experience.

Imagine losing three out of every four customers as the result of a bad delivery experience. Seems like an unnecessary loss, doesn’t it? Whether it’s receiving damaged items, late deliveries, or poor customer service, this statistic highlights the fragility of customer loyalty and the importance of safeguarding it. Furthermore, negative experiences not only have the potential to dissuade future patronage, but could cost you customers you have yet to meet as one customer’s negative review can tarnish a retailer's reputation.

4) 74% of surveyed shoppers are deterred by strict return policies.

While a strict return policy could be beneficial to a brand, it can be a repellant for customers. With well over half of respondents citing a dislike for inflexible return rules and the potential hassle they entail, it’s clear that brands would be wise to reevaluate the importance of that 24-hour return window. Conversely, a lenient return policy has the potential to drive customer loyalty by building trust and encouraging repeat business.

5) 78% of customers value retailers offering Doorstep Pickup as a returns option.

Alongside a flexible returns policy, brands could also benefit from offering a doorstep pickup option for returns. Afterall, convenience is the name of the e-commerce game, and this statistic showcases the role ease plays in customer satisfaction. Convenient returns options like Veho Doorstep Pickup lets customers return products without even leaving their home, adding a layer of flexibility that differentiates brands from competitors while paying out in customer loyalty.

These five statistics stand to highlight one thing: Shipping and returns experiences during peak season have the power to make or break customer relationships. While meeting high demand is paramount to any peak season, brands would be wise to invest time into providing positive delivery experiences to drive customer loyalty and overall satisfaction.

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