Celebrating Innovation and Collaboration: The Veho Disrupt 2024 Hackathon

Celebrating Innovation and Collaboration: The Veho Disrupt 2024 Hackathon

It’s one of our favorite times of year: the Veho Hackathon! 

A hackathon is an intensive event where teams collaborate to solve specific challenges and develop new products over a few days. Here at Veho, our engineering teams channeled their creativity and innovation in line with our values over the course of four days. They developed solutions that drive Veho’s mission of powering the future of commerce by making shipping, shopping, and returns work seamlessly for everyone.

Aligning Innovation with Our Values: Projects from #VehoDisrupt

Our annual hackathon, #VehoDisrupt, not only showcases our commitment to innovation but also demonstrates how our projects align with the core values that define our culture and everything we’re building. Here’s how the standout projects from this year's hackathon reflect these values:

Team Up

We are a championship team. We win often and get better every day. We put team success over personal ambition, challenge one another and lift each other up.

  • Project: AR Sort
    • Jason Litton, Stephen Saucier, Gustavo Morozowski, and Leonam de Paula developed an augmented reality system to streamline sorting processes, enhancing team efficiency and workflow.
Drive Impact

We bring our passion, creativity and tenacity to take big challenges head on and deliver outsized impact. 

  • Project: $1,000,000 / Year [Dwell Times]
    • James Wachira and Christopher Marks designed a dashboard to monitor truck statuses, aiming to optimize scheduling and potentially save the company significant amounts annually.
Take Ownership

We take pride in a culture of high accountability to actions and results. We are all drivers, not passengers, and treat each problem as our own. 

  • Project: Instruction POD Grader
    • Austin Sparkman, Timothy Mathison, and Alek Poteet created an AI tool that assesses the accuracy of Proof of Delivery photos, contributing to improved delivery reliability.
Solve Bigger

We take big, calculated risks, push boundaries and seek breakthroughs. We constantly reimagine what’s possible. We boldly challenge the status quo. 

  • Project: AlphaVeho - Marketplace Simulator
    • Matt DiNardo, Varun Gupta, Kristin Zheng, and Khem Uparanukraw used machine learning to simulate and optimize the driver marketplace, aiming for faster market clearing and better pricing strategies.
Obsess over Experience

We win because we go above and beyond for customers at every interaction. 

  • Projects:
    • Pop Up Facilities: Josh Stupplebeen, Dan Patsey, Edwin Lohmann, and Miguel Fernandez built a system to locate optimal sites for temporary facilities, aiming to enhance delivery speed and expand service areas.
    • Savitar - Real Time Driver Information Service: Roger Chi, Michael Landers, and Amelia Morrissey developed a system that provides real-time updates on driver locations and route progress, improving logistical efficiency and support for drivers.
    • Soteria: Azeem Ahmed, Nick Beach, Marcus Filho, and Gary Wong introduced a new check-in service that increases safety and trust by verifying driver identities, enhancing the security of operations.
Make Today Count

We are driving toward the future with a sense of urgency and are here to make things better today.

  • Projects:
    • Client Portal: Kyle Griffin and Luciano Paci crafted a portal that offers clients detailed insights into their shipments and delivery trends, empowering them to make informed decisions swiftly.
    • Driver Information Display System (DIDS): JP Mugizi, Brian Wong, and Emily Bailey's project provides real-time data on driver status during operations, aiding in immediate logistical decisions.

Each of these projects not only addresses specific logistical challenges—but also advances Veho’s mission to make shipping and shopping better for everyone. 

Looking Ahead

As we move forward, the ideas generated during #VehoDisrupt will be instrumental in our journey to reshape the logistics landscape. Our team’s ideas drive us toward a future where technology exceeds the expectations of brands and consumers alike.

Here's to innovation, collaboration, and the exciting future we're building together at Veho!

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