6 Tips for Successful Summertime Deliveries

6 Tips for Successful Summertime Deliveries

Summer is the time for vacations, weekend trips, and catching up on some much needed R&R. The last thing customers want this season? Delivery issues. Whether it’s barbeque supplies, a new swimsuit, or some back-to-school essentials, successful deliveries and returns make all the difference when it comes to customer loyalty. Here’s our top six tips for making summertime shipping a breeze.

Tip 1: Embrace the power of communication.

Clear and timely communication is the key to ensuring smooth delivery and return experiences for your customers this summer. By providing real-time tracking, delivery windows, notifications of delays, and multichannel customer support, you’re setting your brand and your customers up for success.

Tip 2: Gather customer feedback.

Actively seek feedback from customers about their delivery and returns experiences. This information can help identify areas for improvement and provide insights into customer expectations. By seeking feedback and acting upon it, you’ll demonstrate your commitment to their satisfaction and foster long-term loyalty.

Tip 3: Streamline returns.

  • Clear policy: Communicate return details upfront.
  • Pre-paid labels: Provide convenience and save time.
  • Efficient processing: Quick acknowledgments and refunds.
  • Seamless channels: Consistency across in-store and online returns.
  • Learn and improve: Gather insights for better experiences.

Summer should be stress free, so don’t let complicated operations derail your plans. By making returns simple and convenient, your customers can spend less time running errands and more time enjoying the season, in turn boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Tip 4: Personalize deliveries.

Make it easy for your customers this summer:

  • Time slots options: Works around the customer’s schedule.
  • Alternative locations: Offers flexibility with different delivery addresses.
  • Notifications: Keeps them informed about delivery updates.
  • Express services: Offers expedited options for urgent needs.
  • Customized instructions: Allows customers to specify where exactly they want their order delivered.

Personalized deliveries allow your customers to plan their shipments around their summer plans, giving them control while ensuring that orders successfully make it to their end location.

Tip 5: Protect packages from heat.


  • Use carriers that offer next-day or two-day shipping to limit transit time in the heat.
  • Allow your customers to choose their package placement with personalized delivery instructions—they know the best place to keep their packages safe.

With these simple precautions to beat the summer heat, you can enjoy a worry-free delivery experience all season.

Tip 6: Put customers in control of their deliveries. 

  • Allow customers to schedule deliveries during their preferred dates and times.
  • Offer flexible delivery options, such as holding packages until customers return from their vacations or delivering to alternative addresses.
  • Communicate estimated delivery and return timelines clearly, taking into account potential delays due to increased summer demand or limited staffing.
  • Extend return windows to accommodate customers’ vacation schedules, allowing them ample time to initiate returns once they’re back.
  • Provide automated email reminders or notifications to customers, keeping them informed about their pending deliveries or upcoming return deadlines.

By aligning your delivery and return processes with customers’ vacation plans, you can ensure a seamless experience and maximize customer satisfaction during the summer season.

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