Turning the supply chain into a business driver.

Turning the supply chain into a business driver.

The Opportunity
As a customer-centric brand, SAKARA was aiming to meet customer demand for a faster and higher quality delivery experience while relying on a single national carrier that did not meet their expectations.SAKARA’s Director of Operations & Logistics identified the opportunity to diversify their network of delivery partners while improving customer experience and keeping costs at bay.

The Partnership
SAKARA started a pilot with Veho in two markets, with the vision to grow the partnership based on results in improved delivery experience. Five months into the relationship, Sakara now works with Veho in 14 markets with more launches planned throughout 2022. 

Partnering with Veho was quick due to a simple and direct technical integration that removed the need for manual data uploads associated with national carriers. This reduction in manual overhead allows SAKARA’s operations team to focus on value-add efforts for customers rather than antiquated, time-consuming processes.

The Results
In Partnering with Veho, SAKARA offers customers an elevated delivery experience while significantly improving On Time Delivery (OTD) from 92% to 99% OTD*. By providing customers with a specific time frame for delivery, enabling customers to provide delivery instructions via SMS, and sending proof of delivery photos via SMS, customer satisfaction shot up. This translated to a 40% reduction in delivery errors, a 61% reduction in Total Credit & Refunds cost and a 71% reduction in cost of refunds related to delivery issues*.

Delivery experience is a huge differentiator in the fresh meal space – Veho provides a premium delivery experience for our clients, while also improving our bottom line. We are actively expanding with Veho in select markets to continue providing best-in-class service, while keeping costs at bay.
- Chelsea Clark, Director of Operations & Logistics

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