Peak Success: An Athleisure Brand's Peak Season Win with Veho.

 Peak Success: An Athleisure Brand's Peak Season Win with Veho.

The Situation

In June 2023, a leading U.S. athleisure brand faced the challenge of preparing for the upcoming peak season. This two-month season, known for capturing over 30% of annual retail revenue, is a critical moment for brands to solidify their market presence and create lasting customer relationships.This athleisure brand wanted to get ahead of the curve and expand their delivery partners to fuel their growth. They aimed to not only meet but exceed customer expectations, while preparing for order surges and keep costs manageable.

The Solution

In their quest to optimize peak season performance, a famous athleisure brand recognized the need for a logistics partner that could not only manage high-volume demands, but also align with their customer-first philosophy. This led them to Veho, a choice that brought transformative changes to their peak season strategy and performance.

The Results

This best-in-class partnership between the athleisure brand and Veho highlights the importance of early strategic planning and the power in choosing the right logistics partner. Veho's flexible driver model was crucial in managing the high volume of orders, and was complemented by their strong focus on customer communication—which helped both parties swiftly tackle any logistical issues.

The brand chose to double their annual shipment volume with Veho and increase their coverage with Veho by 66% within the first six months of partnership.The partnership between Veho and the athleisure brand serves as a blueprint for thriving in a demanding retail landscape. By prioritizing strategic planning,customer-centric logistics, and adaptive solutions, retail brands can transform seasonal challenges into significant growth and market expansion.

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