Why doorstep pickup should factor into your peak season strategy.

Why doorstep pickup should factor into your peak season strategy.
When you hear the words “peak season,” you probably think: massive sales and, yep—a bit of chaos.

If you're leading logistics or transportation at a large retail organization, you know all too well the roller coaster ride of peak season. We're talking about that crucial time from Black Friday to New Year's, where sales can skyrocket so much that they make up 30-50% of the annual total. 

In other words: it’s the Super Bowl for stores.

But here's the thing: peak season is about more than just big sales numbers. How customers feel about the experience of ordering from you during this time can shape their view of your brand—and even boost your sales for the remaining ten months of the year. Or worse, customers could churn because of a bad experience. 

In the midst of the peak season chaos, there is an often-underestimated player: the returns process.

With the surge in online shopping, returns have become even more complex and costly. According to McKinsey and Company, online purchases are more prone to returns than in-store ones. So, it's not just about managing the sheer volume but the intricacies that come with it. With heightened expectations for premium service, customers are closely evaluating every step of their shopping experience, and a mishandled return can quickly dampen their enthusiasm.

You might be thinking: with everything else going on during peak season, are returns really the hill to die on?

Our data says yes. Did you know:

  • 96% of customers look up a return policy before buying.1
  • 65% of customers are likely to abandon a retailer after a bad returns experience.2

For logistics and transportation experts, making returns smooth isn't just a nice-to-have. It's essential. Investing in the customer experience around returns has the potential to shift holiday shipping from a cost center to a genuine business driver.

Enter Doorstep Pickup: Your peak season game-changer.

Doorstep Pickup isn’t just a service—it's a statement. It tells your customers that you understand their needs and are willing to go the extra mile (literally) to cater to them. In fact, nearly 22% of customers stated that getting their returns together was a major pain point. By eliminating the need for customers to travel, package items, or even print return labels, you're simplifying their lives and earning their loyalty. 

And the best part? The advantages of investing in Doorstep Pickup go beyond customer loyalty. 

Here are seven strategic reasons to incorporate Doorstep Pickup during peak season:

1. Meet today's consumer expectations & set your brand apart

In today's fast-paced digital age, customer expectations have evolved dramatically. A staggering 78% of customers have indicated a clear preference for brands that offer a doorstep pickup service.3 By integrating this service, you're not just providing a return solution; you're aligning with the modern consumer's desire for swift, hassle-free shopping experiences, setting the stage for long-term loyalty. This will not only set your brand apart from others who don’t offer a similar service, but it’ll position your brand as a leader in the market, continually staying ahead of customer wants and needs.

2. A value-add worth paying for

Sometimes, value transcends cost. 65% of customers are willing to pay extra for the convenience of doorstep pickup services.4 This suggests that by offering this, you not only enhance the overall shopping experience, but also introduce a potential new revenue stream, showcasing the tangible value of convenience in today's market.

3. Elevate the entire shopping experience

Every interaction with your brand shapes the customer's perception. A study from Chain Store Age reveals that nearly three-quarters of online shoppers said that the overall delivery experience, which includes returns, is what they remember most. 

Given that 65% of customers might abandon a retailer after just one negative experience5, it is crucial to perfect every touchpoint. A seamless returns process, especially one that aligns with modern preferences like Veho Doorstep Pickup, can be the key differentiator, turning casual shoppers into brand ambassadors.

4. Operational excellence and efficiency

Efficient returns aren't just about customer satisfaction; they're also about optimizing internal operations. McKinsey highlights the increasing complexity and costs associated with returns, especially with the rise of online shopping. Doorstep Pickup simplifies returns, which means fewer customer service issues and quicker restocking. This leads to greater revenue opportunities as products are promptly returned and made available for sale again.

5. Boost loyalty and reduce attrition

Loyalty is built on consistent, positive experiences. By offering a streamlined return process like doorstep pickup, you're directly addressing a major pain point for many customers. The result? A significant 20% reduction in customer attrition. When customers feel valued and understood, they're more likely to stick around, leading to increased lifetime value and brand advocacy.

For the modern consumer, Veho Doorstep Pickup is a breath of fresh air, offering a simple solution for the tedious task of returns. For businesses, it represents an easy-to-manage, efficient process that aligns perfectly with the evolving retail landscape.

Quick recap: The power of Doorstep Pickup in peak season

 - Peak season is pivotal. It serves not only as a major sales driver but also shapes how customers view your brand.

 - It's an opportunity for differentiation. Brands can stand out in a crowded market, tap into new revenue streams, and streamline operations.

 - Returns are a significant challenge. With the rise of online shopping, returns have become more common, and a poor returns experience can quickly turn away shoppers.

- Doorstep pickup is transformative. It isn't just about convenience; it's a strong statement of your brand's commitment to enhancing customer satisfaction.

 - Meeting modern demands boosts loyalty. Offering a doorstep pickup service aligns with today's consumer expectations, fostering greater brand loyalty and retention.

Is your brand ready to elevate its returns strategy? Discover the transformative power of Doorstep Pickup with Veho. Explore Veho Doorstep Pickup.

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