What does it mean to be shipper-friendly?

What does it mean to be shipper-friendly?

Shipping is the final brand touchpoint before a customer gets your product. When it’s exceptional, customers notice, and when it isn’t, customers hold your brand responsible. Veho is the leading delivery logistics company, consistently delivering for customers and brands alike, with 99% on time delivery and customers scoring Veho a 4.9/5 in satisfaction. Veho can scale up to meet a brand’s every shipping need, while transparent surcharge-less pricing helps companies keep costs down.

Delivering successfully and on time keeps customers happy, but we can’t do it alone. Consistently successful last-mile delivery requires coordination between shippers and carriers.  We are best positioned to deliver packages reliably and on time by avoiding miscommunication and fights over price and terms. A better delivery experience sets customers up for a better product experience, which leads to more re-orders, fewer subscription cancellations, and more business for the brand, shipper, and carrier. Shipper satisfaction with the carrier improves customer satisfaction with the product. Per Veho’s industry report, 77% of shoppers are less likely to buy from a brand following a negative delivery experience.

Veho’s three pillars of a shipper-friendly experience.

Since our founding, Veho has been asking shippers how we can improve on the status quo. The most common complaint comes from an unnecessary power struggle. For example, other carriers will add new surcharges or cap volume to boost profit whenever they get leverage over shippers. When the tables turn, and shippers gain leverage, they want to respond through price negotiations. Veho avoids this tenuous cycle by creating the industry’s most shipper-friendly carrier experience.  

So what does it mean for a carrier like Veho to be shipper-friendly? It starts with a mutual commitment to an excellent delivery experience for the customer. Veho focuses on satisfying our shipping partners (and, by extension, the end customers) in three ways.

  1. Transparent all-in-one pricing: Veho understands carriers need to run sound businesses. Surprise surcharges for fuel costs or peak volume can potentially eliminate a shipper’s profit on a delivery. Veho makes accurately predicting a shipper’s transportation costs possible because we never have surcharges or volume caps, so shippers know their pricing stays consistent.
  2. Fast onboarding and integration: For shippers and carriers to communicate, their systems need to be able to talk to one another. Veho ensures technical necessities like label and rate shopping tools work seamlessly throughout the onboarding process so shippers can get their products out to customers faster with us.
  3. Exceptional customer experience: Veho invests in people, technology, and tools to solve problems alongside shippers. In the rare times there is an issue, like a lost or damaged package, we make it fast and easy to resolve so the shipper and carrier can regain the customer’s trust.

We strive to be a partner and thus avoid the traps leading to an adversarial relationship. Disputes between shippers and carriers put the customer’s experience at risk. Healthy relationships increase the odds of happy customers with higher lifetime value, larger cart sizes, less attrition, and more business for everyone involved in the delivery process.

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