The Next Era of Veho: Unveiling our New Brand

The Next Era of Veho: Unveiling our New Brand

With Veho continuing to grow and expand, it’s important that our brand identity is reflective of our company’s evolution. After all, Veho is reinventing delivery and returns for the e-commerce era and it was time to upgrade our branding to match. 

By evolving our brand identity, we’re honoring where we came from while simultaneously modernizing our core essence to effectively embody where we are going. 

To start, we’re excited to share our new evolved mission. The heart of what we’re building hasn’t changed, though the language we use to describe it has evolved.

Our mission is to power the future of commerce by making shopping, shipping, and returns work seamlessly for everybody. 

Our new logo is similar to the previous, but reinvigorated with new life. We’ve tightened it up and rounded it out a bit more. Some key points are the rounded bottom of the “v”, the perfect circle of the “e” and the sizing of our Vehuman. By rounding out the letters, updating the font, and tightening the letter spacing, we’ve brought more warmth and humanness to who we are in a way that reflects the importance of the human aspect in our business.


We’ve introduced two new fonts—a serif Burgess, and a san serif Matter. We love the tactile nature of these fonts as they go well with the physicality of parcel delivery. Although they're very different fonts, they play off of each other and create balance. 

Color palette

We’ve also updated our color palette. Our main color is now Veho Orange (yes, it’s orange…not red!), accompanied by Soft Black, Warm White, and Light Blue to round out our new core primary set. While paying homage to the blue and orange from our old branding, we’ve changed it up this time to show our evolution forward, intensifying the orange (seriously, it’s not red!) and softening the blue. 

We’re proud of the evolution of Veho and can’t wait to share more of it with the world.

Huge thanks to all who made this happen - Creech Studio & the Veho Brand marketing team.

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