Announcing Veho's Perfect Placement Geo Pin Feature

Announcing Veho's Perfect Placement Geo Pin Feature

At Veho, we're always looking for ways to improve the delivery experience for our customers. We're excited to introduce our latest feature: the Perfect Placement Geo Pin. 

This feature is designed to reduce misdeliveries and improve customer satisfaction by giving users more control over their package deliveries.

What is the Perfect Placement Geo Pin?

The Perfect Placement Geo Pin is an interactive map feature within the Order Summary screen of our Customer Management App (CMA). It allows customers to visualize and modify their delivery location with ease by dragging a pin to their exact preferred location. Here's how it works:

  1. Interactive Map: Customers can see where Veho plans to deliver their package on a map. If needed, they can adjust the delivery location directly within this map view, offering a more intuitive alternative to the traditional address card.
  2. Delivery Confirmation: Once a package is marked as delivered and a proof of delivery (POD) photo is added, the exact delivery spot will be pinned on the map. This helps customers quickly confirm where their package was left.
  3. Perfect Placement Photos: If a customer uploads a perfect placement photo with coordinates, this will appear as a distinct pin on the map. Customers can also update or delete these photos directly from the map view, ensuring their preferences are always current.
Why are we launching this feature?

Delivering packages accurately is crucial for maintaining high customer satisfaction. Misdeliveries and incorrect placements are common issues that lead to low customer satisfaction scores. By allowing customers to interact with their delivery map, we aim to minimize these problems, ensuring packages are delivered to the right spot every time.

How this helps your customers:
  • Confirm Delivery Location: Customers can verify the delivery address through the map, a visual and interactive improvement over the traditional text-based address card.
  • Edit Delivery Details: The map view allows customers to easily update their delivery location if they spot an error or need to make a change.
  • Track Deliveries: After delivery, customers can use the map to confirm the exact delivery spot. If the package was misplaced, the map can help locate it quickly.
  • Manage Perfect Placement Photos: Users can upload, view, and manage their perfect placement photos directly from the map, ensuring their delivery preferences are always honored

The Perfect Placement Geo Pin feature gives customers more control over their deliveries, reducing the risk of misdeliveries and enhancing overall satisfaction. Try out this new feature and see how it can make the delivery experience better and more predictable for everyone.

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