Improve Your Customer Experience Through Better Last Mile Delivery.

Improve Your Customer Experience Through Better Last Mile Delivery.

Last mile delivery plays a pivotal role in a brand’s success, representing the final touchpoint between the company and its customer. A recent survey underscores the critical nature of this stage with 77% of shoppers revealing they’re unlikely to purchase from a brand again after a negative delivery experience. In the eyes of customers, there’s little distinction between the brand and the delivery company, leaving the brand responsible for any delivery mishaps. 

Continually, the advent of the Amazon experience transformed shopping into a realm where anything is within reach even sooner. But while customers are accustomed to expecting their items to arrive within a few days of purchase, delivery still has kinks to work out, even at a time when efficiency has never been more critical. 

Recognizing the pivotal role of positive delivery experiences, Veho has positioned itself as a leader in the industry by focusing on the customer. With our unparalleled commitment to on-time delivery (OTD) and personalized direct communications, customers—not legacy logistics companies—control deliveries. We ensure packages get delivered by our driver partners precisely where and how customers want them, creating better customer experiences and providing brands significant savings by cutting down replacement costs and customer service interactions.

Veho has set a new standard in industry-leading last-mile experiences, driven by an unwavering focus on customers and their needs. At every step in the delivery process, our goal is to bring joy and convenience to your doorstep. 

How Veho Last Mile Delivery works:

  • Once a purchase is made, the brand prepares the package and either directly injects it to a Veho shipping facility or Veho comes and picks up the packages. 
  • After packages arrive at a Veho sortation center, they are organized into the most efficient routes and prepared to be delivered by a driver partner.
  • At the same time, Veho reaches out to the customer directly with an SMS message, alerting them to the package delivery, and capturing any customer delivery instructions. With that information collected, we can ensure most deliveries are completed on the first attempt and create efficient routes for our crowdsourced network of driver partners. 
  • Driver partners select their route and arrive at the Veho facility to load their vehicles and begin customer delivery. Once the driver partner picks up the items, customers receive a 4-hour delivery window via text message and receive live package updates. If the customer has any updates to their delivery instructions, they can provide them, including rerouting packages. 
  • As driver partners complete their routes, they provide photo proof of every delivery to the recipients. 
  • Following delivery, Veho prompts customers to provide feedback. This real-time customer reaction tells Veho how well we’re doing and enables quick responses to any issues, creating a better and more responsive customer experience. On average, Veho receives 4.9/5 ratings from customers.
  • Having had a pleasant and easy delivery, the customer connects that experience to the brand they purchased from, which will likely lead to them purchasing again, with Veho helping increase customer lifetime value by over 40%. 
  • Veho’s ability to facilitate accurate deliveries and provide direct communication with customers drive, on average, a 71% decrease in total delivery-related refunds for brands. 

By creating positive delivery experiences, Veho helps brands build long-lasting customer relationships, increasing repeat purchases and customer lifetime value. If a customer raises any issues, our responsive, dedicated customer service specialists provide personalized and immediate solutions, helping cut down a brand’s customer service interactions and further saving brands money. 

Through cutting-edge technology and best-in-class logistics, Veho has crafted the superior delivery and returns experience that customers want, and brands need. After all, the last mile is about the last foot, and Veho delivers every time. 

Learn how Veho creates better delivery experiences for your customers. 

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