HQ meets GO: Introducing Veho's new Ground Ops Associate for a Day Program

HQ meets GO: Introducing Veho's new Ground Ops Associate for a Day Program

Recently, our Culture Advisory Board created a Ground Operations Associate (GOA) for a Day program, spearheaded by Joshua Levitt, expansion manager. By breaking down silos between our Headquarters and Ground Operations teams, this program encourages HQ members to experience firsthand how our ground operations work to better understand the life of a package.

The GOA for a Day program launched with an inaugural visit to the Denver warehouse. In attendance were HQ team members representing the Engineering, Revenue, and Recruiting teams. During their visit, they participated in warehouse sort and launch shifts, as well as drove delivery routes.  

“For some of the folks participating, this was their first time doing any warehouse work or driving a route,” noted Levitt.

The program’s launch proved successful with participants reporting an impressive increase in their understanding of the Veho driver partner experience, and over half noted feeling more connected with the Ground Ops team. See the full results below: 

  • Question: How well do you understand Veho Ground Ops and what goes on in a warehouse today? (1-10)
  • Pre: 6.5 / 10
  • Post: 7.5 / 10 (reflecting a 15.4% improvement)
  • Question: How well do you think you understand the Veho driver partner experience/the process of driving a route today? (1-10)
  • Pre: 4.75 / 10
  • Post: 8.25 / 10 (reflecting a 73.7% improvement)
  • Question: How well connected do you feel to the Veho Ground Ops team today? (1-10)
  • Pre: 4.75 / 10
  • Post: 7.5 / 10 (reflecting a 57.9% improvement)

We’re excited to see this program continue to expand and bring our teammates closer! Looking to work at a company where culture and teamwork are front and center? We’re hiring— https://shipveho.com/careers/

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