Faster and more efficient deliveries with Veho and ShipHero.

Faster and more efficient deliveries with Veho and ShipHero.

Using third-party logistics (3PLS) providers to assist with e-commerce sales just improved. Veho is thrilled to announce our new partnership with ShipHero, the leading shipping and logistics platform for over 5,000 e-commerce brands and 3PLs.  

E-commerce merchants leveraging ShipHero’s 3PL services can now utilize Veho’s industry-leading logistics technology and delivery services. This partnership brings two customer-obsessed organizations together, providing stable pricing for clients, minimizing dependency on major national carriers, and enabling domestic zone skipping to get deliveries to customers faster and more efficiently. 

Integrating ShipHero with Veho's logistics platform will enable customers to manage their orders, shipments, and inventory easily. This partnership allows customers to reduce errors, increase efficiency, and improve their overall supply chain performance.

Together Veho and ShipHero help customers achieve shipping goals by providing an easy-to-use and highly effective complete logistics solution. 

We are excited for the benefits this partnership brings our brand partners as we continue to innovate and provide exceptional logistics solutions.

Find out more about how Veho is your shipping solution. 

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