2023 Veho Peak Season Playbook

2023 Veho Peak Season Playbook

The Comprehensive Guide to Winning Peak Season as a Shipper

A Note from Veho  

Peak season is the perfect time to reflect on what truly matters in retail: forging deeper connections with consumers and enhancing their experiences. Peak season, which captures over 30% of annual retail revenue, offers an incredible opportunity not just for sales, but for building lasting business relationships. 

Remember, this is the time of year that 80% of customers are open to discovering new brands—making every interaction a potential gateway to long-term loyalty.

In this guide, you'll find insights and actionable strategies that go beyond conventional approaches, highlighting the significance of a customer-centric shipping experience. In the current digital shopping landscape, where more than 20% of purchases are made online, the delivery process is more than a mere service— it’s an integral part of your brand's narrative. A strategic approach to shipping can transform the concerning reality that 76% of consumers might abandon a brand after just one poor experience into a consistent opportunity to win and retain business.

We’re certain that with a customer-centric shipping approach to peak season, you won’t be merely navigating peak season—you’ll be growing well beyond it. 

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The Veho team 

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